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Turning Client Feedback into Profit

We help service-based businesses discover the true value of each customer.


By shifting your focus to building customer relationships, rather than constantly seeking new ones, you can too maximize your profits and revenue.

Is your business stuck in a rut, unable to grow despite acquiring new clients?

If you're investing in client acquisition without seeing business growth, you're not alone. Many established service businesses, face this challenge. But there's a way forward.


Now's the time to achieve exponential growth and nurture loyal clients without excessive costs!

The stress of constantly having to search for new clients to keep your company afloat can be overwhelming. But, you don't have to do it alone.


We're here to help you take control of your client retention strategy and achieve sustainable, meaningful growth.


Through my experience in optimizing client retention, I've helped many businesses focus on building lasting connections with their clients to enhance client relationships and significantly improve retention rates.

And together, we can do the same for you. Regain your clients' trust and loyalty to boost your bottom line.

Hi! I'm Client Retention Strategist & Business Coach Fatima Barrera

With 20+ years' of experience in marketing & customer loyalty, I specialize in helping service-based business owners like you identify & understand your best clients.

Together we work to you create a sustainable businesses by asking the right questions, gaining clarity, and taking aligned action. We'll work together to help you transform your business and your life so that you can build profitable and purpose-driven businesses that aligns with your vision and values.

Here's what I can do...

to help grow your profits

Deep Dive Assessment

What: Uncover gaps and opportunities in a 4 hour session (with the business owner and key personnel). 


Result: Get a self-implementable action plan for immediate improvements.


Client Feedback to Accelerate Profits 

What: Explore challenges through extensive client interviews.


Result: Get invaluable insights and a robust action plan to boost your business and help increase your profits.

Starting at


Consulting Partnership

What: Receive tailored consulting and support to implement your action plan. 


Result:   Sit back and watch us enhance client retention, ensuring your business thrives by leveraging your current clients.


Starting at

Schedule your Complimentary Discovery Call

During this conversation, we'll delve into your business needs and aspirations, gaining clarity on the tailored strategies needed for sustainable business growth.


We'll see if we're a fit and decide on what approach will get you the best results! 

Stop wasting time and money.
Learn why obsessing over new clients can hold your business back from reaching its true potential.

When it comes to growing your business through client acquisition, there are three mistakes many businesses make that you should avoid.

Our guide will tell you what they are, how to avoid them, and how to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from reaching your true potential.

Discover the secret to business growth - it's not what you may think!

Take action now and download the guide 

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