What's important to us

Because your business growth is as important to us as it is to you, we want to be your partner, not just a client. Collaboration is part of building solid relationships, and that's the key to our success!

Trust Barrera Marketing

Integrity is conforming reality to our words - in other words, keeping promises and fulfilling expectations.
Stephen Covey


We believe that a successful partnership is built on trust. We're honest, direct, and transparent.

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We believe in the power of working together in a collaborative way. Every person and every role is important.

Fatima Barrera Barrera Marketing

Welcome, I am happy that you found us! I’m Fatima Barrera, owner and operator of Barrera Marketing, a Digital Marketing Agency based just outside Toronto. Because we are fortunate to be living in a virtual world, I am happy to help businesses anywhere in North America. 


My passion is working with business owners to uncover potential in their business and help transform it by focusing on the right marketing strategy customized to their needs and goals. Is there something specific you are looking for? I would be more than happy to help!

Why choose us? 

Many businesses have undoubtedly received multiple "exceptional opportunities" from marketers promising to take their business to new levels. So, it's essential to know and trust the company you decide to work with. First, ask yourself, who are they working for? This is where honest marketing comes in. You need an agency that will provide you with what you need, a strategy that is "right" for you.  

We have an incredible team of experienced specialists and a proven marketing framework that drives growth. We know our business, and we understand that you expect communication to be clear, transparent, and consistent.  We take your trust and investment in your business' website and online marketing very seriously. 

If you succeed, we succeed. So why not succeed together?