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Turning Client Feedback into Profits

Helping B2B service-based businesses find the real value of each client to boost profits through direct client insights

Imagine boosting your profits by 25-95% through client nurturing *

* Harvard Business Review

Ask yourself...

Do your clients continue to buy from you even  after their initial transaction (price isn't even a factor)?

Are your clients so loyal that they would never consider leaving you for a competitor?

Are your clients actively referring your business to others because they are satisfied with your services?

Do your clients stay for a long time because they know they'll always get exceptional service from you?

If you answered NO to any of these - there's hidden potential that you're missing out on!


What if you could see your business through the eyes of your client's?  Just imagine what could be possible?


Seeing things from their perspective will allow you to easily solve challenges you may be going through and instead build lasting relationships with your clients - which ultimately leads to more revenue and profits! 

And ... you won't have to waste time and money on marketing to compensate for clients you could be losing by not focusing on client retention. Retaining an existing client is far less expensive than acquiring a new one—but only if you focus on the clients you already have. 

How to increase Client Retention (9).png

Maximizing Profits with Lasting Connections

Did you know that you can boost your profits by a staggering 25-95% just by elevating customer retention by 5%.

Build Deep Loyalty and become the provider of choice 

In a world full of competition, why would your clients choose to stay? Why would they consider leaving? Are you sure about their motivations, or are you just guessing? Don't you think it's time to stop running your business on assumptions.

Build strong loyalty and be the top choice for your clients. Boost trust in your brand and see your profits grow. This is how  you make your business stand out!

Here's where I come in - I'll help you turn your client feedback and insights into profits. 

But first, and more importantly... you know the real value of your clients? 

How well do you understand the true importance of your clients to your business's success? Discover the significant impact that losing even a single client can have by clicking here.

Hi! I'm Fatima Barrera, Client Retention Strategist & Business Consultant

As a Retention Strategist and Consultant, I guide my clients in recognizing the true value of each customer. By shifting your focus from constantly chasing new clients to nurturing client relationships, I help service-bases businesses turn client feedback into profits .

This strategic shift towards prioritizing existing clients can yield remarkable results. With over two decades of corporate marketing experience, I've been helping entrepreneurs navigate this path to success. Let's see how together we can maximize your profits and revenue by leveraging the power of your existing clients.

Let's connect and discuss the exciting potential  that awaits your business!

How I can help

With your goals in mind, my extensive expertise in boosting client retention can guide you towards building strong, lasting relationships and increased revenue and profits.



We Listen to Understand Your Needs: We'll start by understanding your goals, needs, and challenges to create a solid foundation of understanding and value alignment. Here is where you will book your Discovery Call. 


Uncover Hidden Client Opportunities: To build a strong relationship, we'll start with diving deep to uncover unique insights that give you a competitive edge before before crafting a tailored growth plan. This is done through a Strategy Call, Strategy Growth Plan or Client Interviews (we gain more insights as we move through these).


Maximize Profits: To ensure a successful partnership, we're both dedicated to maximizing your profits and ensuring your strategy continually improves. With specialized guidance and my support as your Strategic Advisor, we'll work together as partners for long-term success.

Working with Fatima has always been very enlightening and a wealth of knowledge.   She helped me understand many aspects in my marketing plan including who my clients are and my messaging to them.  She listens, then asks strategic questions and then provides the WOW factor in which sudden understanding and clarity is achieved.   I look forward to working with Fatima through the various phases of my company’s growth. 

Rosanna Pelton  CEO of ROSAPEL Virtual Assistants

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