Website Design

Website Design

Now more than ever it's important to be able to be found online, and the first step in this process is to have a website that will convert prospects into clients. So helping you attract and grow your customer base by designing a simple and functional website is my priority. 

You're here, so you've reached the right place if you are looking for a new website! We are skilled in designing websites that not only look good but convert visitors into customers. Don't spend money on a website that just looks good. Make sure that it works optimally and is mobile-friendly (is yours? click below to find out). We'll ensure it does! 

Reasons you need a website

Find Customers

Having a website makes it easier for potential customers to find your business. In today’s digital world, customers are constantly searching online, and a website helps them find you. Your online presence allows them to learn more about your business and what it offers at any time and any place. Showing up in search results is also critical as you don’t want to miss out on potential sales leads.

Build Credibility 

A website can help businesses increase flexibility, control, branding, and credibility. A website can make a difference in attracting new customers. However, this will complement your social media presence. You can use a website to serve existing customers better as well. A website gives you the ability to update business information 24/7, ensuring you are current and more attractive to potential customers.

Get More Customers

Small businesses rely on reaching new customers through direct mail, or print advertising can be costly and unreliable. Going online allows you to reach more people locally and outside your region while paying less for online exposure. It’s also easier to track your results, unlike traditional media like advertising.  

Grow Your Business

A website can provide potential customers with the information needed to decide to go to you. It helps improve customer communication. You can also grow your existing customer base through ongoing branded email by providing them value, thus creating a loyal customer. This will provide ongoing traffic back to you, boosting customer loyalty with your brand.

Gain Competitive Advantage 

It is well known that consumers go online for research before making a decision. Consumers want to be informed about the business they deal with. Not having a website puts you at risk of losing customers to companies already taking advantage of the online marketplace and possibly losing a potential customer to your competitor with a website. It can help level the playing field.

What happens next:

  • Step 1: Discovery Phase

  • Step 2: Plan 

  • Step 3: Design

  • Step 4: Development

  • Step 5: Launch

  • Step 6: Maintain

Ready to get started? I am if you are...let's do it!